Desktop Pseudonymiser

When you need to aggregate your operational data for analysis you create a rich picture of information linked to individuals (customers, service users etc). This information must be protected or you are increasing the risk of a data protection breaches.

We have developed an easy to use windows desktop solution that can pseudonymise your personal data, replacing it with a hashed pseudonym that cannot be reverse engineered to reveal the original data. The pseudonym for your 'key data' can then be used to aggregate data (e.g. the pseudonym replaces email, NHS number, NI number, etc).

We use a Comma Separated Value file (.csv) as input which can be readily prepared in Excel or your source admin systems.

"Double check for me please as it feels too easy" - Comment from an NHS midwife practitioner

Pseudonymiser in action

After selecting your .csv file of data and providing a salt file (this provides additional protection by adding a secure phrase into the pseudonymisation process) you select which data items to be affected and include/drop from the output. 

At the end of the process you have a new .CSV file with the data selection you have made and pseudonyms where requested. 

As the process is consistent it allows you to now use across your datasets and aggregate your client information with their identity protected.

Share and match personal information compliantly 

Pseudonymising your data will allow you to match personal data across your organisation in a compliant way